Moldes Barcelona is a company dedicated mainly to designing and manufacturing moulds for injecting and blow-moulding thermoplastics in addition to thermoforming tools and dies for casting Zamak and Aluminium.

Since it was established in 1988 until the present day Moldes Barcelona has gained and maintained the trust of many important customers from a variety of industries.

Also we give global solutions, products developed from an idea, designing parts and tools together for greater cost optimitation and quality thoughout the process, until the final product.

The result of carrying out the projects completed by Moldes Barcelona, is an excellent piece of design, in order to minimize the cost of tool and final product, with materials and injection systems tailored to customer needs.

Modification, Repair, Optimising and Maintenance of tools form a part of a very competitive service which Moldes Barcelona offer their customers ever since the company started.

Our main aim is to meet efficiently stipulated delivery dates. Due to our company flexible structure, associated to technical means, we are able to produce the tools in record time

Moldes Barcelona has a built surface of 1.700 m2 and 7.400 production hours per month. In addition, the company is equipped with excellent machinery (we can make tools up to a maximum weight of 20 Tm) which makes us able to offer our customers a responsible and professional process, which guarantees they will get a product and a service of the highest quality level.

  • Car Outer Components
  • Car Inside Components
  • Motor housing and luggage box
  • Moulds Bi-material
  • Injection assisted by gas
  • Sequential injection
  • Moulds Prototyp
  • Thermoform
  • Blowing
  • Compression Mold