During 2017 Moldes Barcelona has developed a system of rotation plate plus ejection in the turn, for molds of multicomponent and multi-cavity tubular pieces, system activated by bolt ejection mold only.

It is characterized by being activated by the ejection bolt and that allows ejecting the parts in the turn.

All the active kinematics without the help of any cylinder, the mold does not have any hydraulic cylinder and all the kinematics is activated by the simple opening and closing of the mold by means of mechanisms.

A mechanical system has been developed that is able to perform a rotating movement by changing the pieces from one cavity to another to be able to inject various materials, and an ejection of the pieces halfway through.

The advantages of this system is that the injection cycle is improved and machine start-up time is avoided, the other systems apart from adding phases must be adjusted, programmed so that the production cycle is extended and can also cause errors