Center 5-axis machining HERMLE C400U

VDI positioning and repeatability 0.008mm

It is the machine that provides better accuracy of all we compared, only 92% cast mineral quartz crystal, with excellent vibration damping 10 times less than steel, and low thermal conductivity 25 times less than steel.

It reduces vibration in all axes and contributes to the reduction of machining time.

Automatically compensates for changes in temperature and changes in the operation of the spindle speed to ensure the accuracy of machining.

Comprehensive Maintenance Monitor.

Laser measuring tool breakage, tool tip is cleaned with compressed air before measurement. Precision measurement system 0.0001mm

We can greatly improve the production, reducing the cost of tools and limiting the use of electro erosion, giving both better quality finishes, and allowing us to make more complex mechanisms. This will be a change in our entire production system, we can reduce the work of erosion by 25% and also greatly affect the productivity of machining.

Subsidized financing by CDTI Innovation Line