Moldes Barcelona has equipped, a department with injection machines: 25 Ton, 100 Ton and 450 Ton. The machines are equipped for testing molds, and for production in small series.

Mold tests and injection

High levels of precision and incorporation of the technologies of Industry 4.0, reliability is updated and the time before failure is expected that time and maintenance costs are minimized.

5-axis machining continuous

Predict potential manufacturing problems, such as weld lines, air traps, short shots, sink marks, etc., and verify gate contribution for flow balance

Rheological Analysis, CAE

The technical office has experienced engineers with a wide experience in the sector who are looking for, developing and designing better projects.

Technical Department

To facilitate testing mold our client, it has equipped a space with equipment for injection and testing, and we have the support of the workshop to perform any modifications on the mold at the time of the test.

The machines are equipped for testing mold and small series.

It has sequential injection system for 6 hydraulic or pneumatic valves.

Robot extraction machine parts

Dryers and tempering to prepare materials

Tempering and refrigerator mold circuits.

Machines for plastic injection characteristics:

Model 450
- 450 tons clamping force.
- Injection volume 3.000 cm3.
-diameter spindle 90 mm .
-dimensions of dishes 1. 175 x 1. 175 mm.
- distance between columns: 810 x 810 mm.
-Thickness Maximum 750 mm mold. , Minimum 380 mm.
- 800 mm opening.
-Pressure 1 070 bar injection
Total installed -Power 89, 2 kw.

Model: NB100
Clamping force: 100 tons
Distance between columns 400 X400
-diameter Spindle 40
Injection volume: 270 cm3
-Thickness Mold minimum and maximum 150/450
-Opening: 230mm


Manufacturer: Engel
Model: ES 80-25 HLS
Injection Molding Machine

Clamping unit:
clamping force: 250 kN
distance between tie bars h: 0 mm
distance between tie bars v: 0 mm
size of mould plates h: 465 mm
size of mould plates v: 380 mm
min. mould height: 150 mm
max. mould height: 330 mm
opening stroke: 330 mm
max. opening daylight: 480 mm

Injection unit:
screw diameter 22 mm
injection pressure: 1500 bar
shot volume: 38 ccm