Moldes Barcelona has equipped, a department with injection machines: 25 Ton, 100 Ton and 450 Ton. The machines are equipped for testing molds, and for production in small series.

Mold tests and injection

High levels of precision and incorporation of the technologies of Industry 4.0, reliability is updated and the time before failure is expected that time and maintenance costs are minimized.

5-axis machining continuous

Predict potential manufacturing problems, such as weld lines, air traps, short shots, sink marks, etc., and verify gate contribution for flow balance

Rheological Analysis, CAE

The technical office has experienced engineers with a wide experience in the sector who are looking for, developing and designing better projects.

Technical Department



You can ask for:  Tool projects, design, tune-up and checking, it means, any operation within our mould-making activity which can be fulfilled with our work facilities.

We do design jobs, leading the whole project, and also working in parallel with the customer.

If a customer has an idea and he needs assistance with the study and development of final product, Moldes Barcelona place at his disposal the appropriated resources; equipments and technical personnel, so as to meet his requirements.

Our engineers are ready to work in any project at our factory or at the customers’.

We make Numeric Control programs for machining, spark erosion and wire erosion.

Machining Area 

Spark Erosion Area 

Wire Erosion Area 

Maintenance and Repair of moulds. 


We adapt to the customers’ own style and regulations, in order to guarantee the quality they require and within the stipulated delivery time.

In case of specific work increasing, Moldes Barcelona can co-operate with customers offering a team of experienced and skilled technicians.

After-sale service

Our after-sale service guarantees our customers: Maintenance, Modifications and Repair on tools as well as the spare parts supply.


When tool maintenance is required by our customers our technicians use our 1400 kg. van to travel to their plant, taking with them all necessary tools to do the job, or to bring the mould to our shop, whatever is more convenient.

We have a Laser welding machine, to quickly make the modifications and repairs of molds.

All our departments co-operate with our customers in the maintenance of their tools, as well as with their repair.