Moldes Barcelona has equipped, a department with injection machines: 25 Ton, 100 Ton and 450 Ton. The machines are equipped for testing molds, and for production in small series.

Mold tests and injection

High levels of precision and incorporation of the technologies of Industry 4.0, reliability is updated and the time before failure is expected that time and maintenance costs are minimized.

5-axis machining continuous

Predict potential manufacturing problems, such as weld lines, air traps, short shots, sink marks, etc., and verify gate contribution for flow balance

Rheological Analysis, CAE

The technical office has experienced engineers with a wide experience in the sector who are looking for, developing and designing better projects.

Technical Department

To improve the capacity of previous study in mold design.

Moldes Barcelona has acquired a license Moldex3D


  • Moldex3D Flow enables users to simulate the filling patterns of injection molding to help predict potential manufacturing problems, such as weld lines, air traps, short shots, sink marks, etc., and verify gate contribution for flow balance.
Example balanced filling to prevent overpressure
  • Moldex3D Pack incorporates the material compressibility (PVT changes) to fully simulate the density variation and melt flow behaviors during the packing process. It helps users precisely determine gate freeze time, efficient packing time and packing pressure, and warpage prediction to minimize high volumetric shrinkage.
  • Moldex3D Cool improves cooling system productivity and efficiency to optimize mold and cooling circuit designs and reduce cycle times, especially for complicated geometry parts simulation. Furthermore, the advanced transient cool feature is also supported to bring more accurate analyses for variotherm heating system, such as RHCM, and conformal cooling process simulation. Users can easily observe dynamic mold temperature and optimize cooling process.
  • Moldex3D Warp provides a reliable analysis capability to simulate the key issues of shrinkage and warpage behaviors, further controlling the blemishes of molded products.
  • Moldex3D MCM diversifies the development of plastic molded product. Its explicit analysis capabilities enable users to evaluate insert molding, overmolding and multi-shot sequential molding process, helps accurately observe interaction behaviors and minimize part warpage.
  • Moldex3D Designer, designers are able to verify and optimize design changes more effectively and more flexibly.
  • Moldex3D Viewer is a standalone and free tool that visualizes Moldex3D’s analysis results. It can generate reports automatically in HTML or PowerPoint format. With its extensive visualization capabilities, users can view pros and cons of all simulations and share identification with their teams, mold makers, engineers, executives, partners, and customers.
  • All Moldex3D 3D solvers support multi-core and multi-CPU parallel computing to greatly shorten simulation time. Parallel computing can be done locally at your desktop or remotely on a computing cluster.