Moldes Barcelona has equipped, a department with injection machines: 25 Ton, 100 Ton and 450 Ton. The machines are equipped for testing molds, and for production in small series.

Mold tests and injection

High levels of precision and incorporation of the technologies of Industry 4.0, reliability is updated and the time before failure is expected that time and maintenance costs are minimized.

5-axis machining continuous

Predict potential manufacturing problems, such as weld lines, air traps, short shots, sink marks, etc., and verify gate contribution for flow balance

Rheological Analysis, CAE

The technical office has experienced engineers with a wide experience in the sector who are looking for, developing and designing better projects.

Technical Department

Reading of information

Technical Office

The Technical Office has a team of skilled designers with considerable experience in the mould making industry. They study, develop and design the tools with the most up-dated means, using the most appropriated technology for each occasion.

They have CAD/CAM/CAE specific programs for moulds construction.

Make your enquiries on the chances you have to obtain various versions of different parts with the same tool, changing versions while the tool is on the machine.

We also have solutions for tools which mouldings are difficult to remove after injection, due to the number and to the complexity of the mechanisms required by the tool. We are ready to attend your enquiries referring feasibility of any project.

Processes are constantly up-dated, improving our working systems. All incoming and outgoing information is thoroughly checked. Every stage of the project is checked, in order to avoid failures and consequently extra costs.

Rheological analysis

R & D

Simultaneous Engineering



12 Workstations:

1x CATIA V5 R24

1 x Moldflow Mold Adviser CAE

1 x Moldex3D v15 eDesign FLOW, PACK, COOL, WARP, 2K FIBER 2018

2 x Unigraphics NX5 CAD CAM 64 bits



7 x Keycreator 15 2018

4 x TopSolid'Cam

2 x TopSolid'Mold


CAE Simulation of the injection.

CAE Moldflow  The ideal tool to quickly check the manufacturability of your plastic part design when the cost of change is least early in the design process. Users can get rapid feedback on how modifications to wall thickness, gate locations, material or geometry can affect the filling pattern and pressure and temperature distributions in the part cavity.


CAM 5-axis machining continuous

 Moldes Barcelona’s department which dedicate entirely to make CAM programs, is equipped with the latest generation CAM programs, and due to their simulator systems help to spare failures, and they provide the machine’s operator with documentation containing all necessary information, including pictures of the results of the machining he is accomplishing.

 Reading of information

We have got an FTP space to send and to receive CAD information, for which, each user has his own personal password. It is also possible to send files, no matter how large they are, to our E-mail address:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Reading of magnetic media can be done directly on our equipments, using DAT 125 m, 120m or 90m tapes, CD, DVD and WINDOWS and UNIX TAR files.

Our translators and programs make possible the translation of 3D files in most original and interchangeable formats:


CATIA V4  (*MODEL *.MOD, *.EXP,  *.DLV  *SESSION in/out).


I-DEAS 11( *ARC,*PRT  in/out).

Top Solid , top mold, top cam (*.top  in/out).

Solidworks (*.sldprt in),

Autodesk Inventor (*.ipt in),

Pro-enginer (*.prt in),

Mastercam CAD CAM (*.MC8 in/out),

Keycreator Cadkey (*.prt *ckd in/out ),

Autocad (*.dwg in/out),

VDA (in/out), IGES (in/out),

PARASOLID (in/out),


SAT (in/out),